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F Type Equipment

Post  Skye on Wed Nov 04, 2009 5:18 am

Known as F型装備 in Japanese, F-Type equipmentappears in the game Neon Genesis Evangelion 2, as well as Super Robot Wars Alpha 3. This heavy-armored equipment is actually in direct conflict with the Evangelion's nature. This is because what was originally assumed to be armor was revealed by Ritsuko to be a restraint which kept the Evangelion units under control. From this came the idea of the 'A.T. Field Control Experiment.' The idea calls for an equipped system that would take the A.T. Field that a unit emits under normal circumstances and introduce a warping effect that would strengthen the unit's defenses. In this way, the requirement of the heavy armor was met without violating the spirit of the Evangelion system.
Boosting Unit 01's power dramatically, it's the UN's primary hand-to-hand combat tool. On the plus side, it reinforces the strength of Unit 01, but on the minus side, the increased weight slightly reduces its mobility. By deflecting the A.T. Field the unit normally emits, the armor can be used for defense or even extra power for jumping and propulsion.
The new shoulder pylons each contains a 'Progressive Dagger,' an improved Progressive Knife which is even bigger and longer. Each shoulder is also equipped with an electrical beam like launcher named 'Volt Launcher' or 'Impact Bolt,' an antiphase weapon with, along with devastating power, the ability to temporarily paralyze an enemy.
In addition to these, the extra weapons included with F-Type equipment includes:

  • 'Dual Saw': A handheld dual chainsaw.
  • 'Mastema' : An all-range weapon, the Mastema is a lightweight multi-weapon that includes a large-bore machine cannon, edges that can be used for slashing (Progressive Sword) and two cruise missiles with built-in N² warheads, making this a weapon of choice for both close-range and distance combat. Another fact is that this weapon is named after a fallen angel said to have brought much suffering on the human race.

Note that these weapons are not only limited to Unit 01 for use. They can be switched to the other Eva Units for their use.
In the episode featuring Jet Alone in the TV series, Unit 01 was referenced as being deployed using the F-Type Equipment, although it looks no different from the standard armor in this appearance. Closer inspection would reveal that Unit 01 has larger than usual shoulder packs. It can be assumed that the F-Type Equipment, apart from other uses, offers the units the ability to operate without the need of being connected via cable for longer periods.

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