First Ancestral Race

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First Ancestral Race

Post  Skye on Wed Nov 04, 2009 5:09 am

The First Ancestral Race is never mentioned in the series, but are described in the Classified Information files of the spin off video game Neon Genesis Evangelion 2. The First Ancestral Race (第一始祖民族, Daiichi Shiso Minzoku[color:a617=#00e]?) are the ancient god-like progenitor aliens who created Adam and Lilith, and thus, ultimately the creators of both the humans and the Angels. Billions of years ago, this race seeded life throughout the galaxy by sending Seeds of Life to many planets (their motivation is unknown). Seeds of Life called White Moons contained Adam-like creatures, who gave rise to Angel life forms on the planets they landed on. Seeds of Life called Black Moons contained Lilith-like creatures, who started normal terrestrial life, which evolved into human-like life forms. A Black Moon and a White Moon were never meant to land on the same planet, and thus Angels and humans were never meant to co-exist. Originally, the White Moon containing Adam landed on Earth. However, the Black Moon containing Lilith accidentally (and violently) collided into Earth, an event known as First Impact which created Earth's Moon. These aliens also created the Lance of Longinus, one of which was sent along with both Adam and Lilith as a means of controlling them (Lilith's Lance was destroyed when she crash-landed into Earth). They are also the true authors of the "Dead Sea Scrolls", which are actually a sort of manual on Seeds of Life sent along with each, and of the Spear of Longinus. While none of this is ever mentioned in the series, the White Moon of Adam in Antarctica, and the Black Moon of Lilith under Tokyo-3, are both described as "clearly artificial", as well as being "nearly identical", and that Gendo says that "an intelligence other than Mankind created the GeoFront".

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