Dead Sea Scrolls

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Dead Sea Scrolls

Post  Skye on Wed Nov 04, 2009 5:08 am

The ancient Hebrew manuscripts found in the caves around Qumran between 1947 and 1956. In the world of Evangelion, there exists one or more of these scrolls whose existence was never revealed to the public and are currently held by Seele. Seele states that their pursuit of the Human Instrumentality Project, and all events occurring therein, is in accordance with an ambiguously-described "scenario" laid out in the Dead Sea Scrolls, predicting the Second Impact, the coming of the Angels, and the eventual Third Impact. According to the interviews in the spin off video game Neon Genesis Evangelion 2, the "Dead Sea Scrolls" are actually a manual left behind by the First Ancestral Race, the progenitor aliens that made Adam and Lilith, which explains how to de-activate a Seed of Life if it ever lands on a planet with another Seed. Seele, however, acquired it and then abused the knowledge it contained, to enact a scenario, Instrumentality, which would make them living gods.

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