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White Moon

Post  Skye on Wed Nov 04, 2009 5:07 am

The egg from which all Angels originated, located in Antarctica.This is where Adam laid dormant before self-destructing and being shrunk to an embryo because of an experiment of the Katsuragi Team, causing Second Impact. The "White Moon" was (according to deleted scenes from episode 21) actually another GeoFront cavern, exactly the same size as the Black Moon's GeoFront (which contained Lilith) located under Hakone (which Nerv HQ and Tokyo-3 were built around). According to Gendo, both the creation of the Black Moon cavern under TWhite Moonokyo-3 and the White Moon in Antarctica date back to the exact same geological time period. An image of the White Moon from the day before Second Impact appeared on a computer screen; text on the computer stated that the White Moon was "possibly created at time of Giant Impact" (that is, First Impact), and "surface structure clearly artificial". It also seems to refer to the White Moon as GeoFront 01, which would suggest that Nerv knew about it all the time.
According to the Neon Genesis Evangelion 2, like the Black Moon containing Lilith, the White Moon was created as a vessel by the aliens known as the First Ancestral Race, one of many such vessels used to seed life on different planets (for what purpose is unknown). White Moons containing Adam-like creatures seeded some planets with Angel-like lifeforms, while Black Moons with Lilith-like creatures created human-like lifeforms on other planets. However, a White Moon and a Black Moon were never supposed to both seed life on the same planet, which ultimately put both humans and Angels in direct competition for control of Earth. (See "Terms from outside of the main series" for more details).

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