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Third Impact

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Third Impact is the final event predicted in Seele's Dead Sea Scrolls; achieving the correct Third Impact is the ultimate objective of their efforts.

Third Impact is triggered by the union of Adam and Lilith, with the result being the creation of a supreme being that would succeed all existing life on Earth. The goal of Seele and Nerv is to prevent any of the Angels from instigating Third Impact so that humankind may do so instead, thus fulfilling the goal of the Human Instrumentality Project. For a human Third Impact, the Angels must be defeated, as they guard the Tree of Life. With the death of Kaworu, all Angels are dead, and the Tree of Life is accessible. (Again, this is a speculation from an unofficial guide and should be treated as one of the explanations or speculations.)

Third Impact occurs in both the television series and in The End of Evangelion; while the series only offers a few glimpses of Third Impact, focusing on the Complementation of Shinji Ikari, End offers a fuller and perhaps different account.

Before Third Impact Nerv and Seele turn on each other, and Gendo Ikari attempts to carry out his Third Impact, uniting Rei with Lilith, and his own self already possessing Adam. But after Gendo merges Adam with Rei, she rejects him. Instead of being reunited with Yui Ikari and gaining the godlike powers Gendo had been planning and seeking for so long, all humanity begins reverting to the egg of Lilith from which it came. The combination of Lilith (possessor of the Tree of Knowledge) & Adam (possessor of the Tree of Life) - in the guises of Rei Ayanami and Kaworu Nagisa - neutralizes the AT Fields of all human beings on Earth and absorbs their souls into her/himself. Shinji meanwhile has been placed at the head of the Kabbalah's Tree of Life, composed of himself in Unit-01 and 9 Mass-production Evas crucified with Lances of Longinus (each crucified Evangelion forming one of the Sefirot). Control of the power is placed in the hands of Shinji as the sacrifice and initiator of Third Impact. With the unification of Angels and Humans, god-like power is unlocked: "The Fruit of Life borne by the Angels, and the Fruit of Knowledge borne by human beings. Eva-01 has acquired both of these gifts, and so has become something to rival the power of God."

However, Shinji Ikari makes the fateful decision to reject Instrumentality, thus ending Third Impact. It is implied that any individuals with a strong sense of themselves and who choose to do may, eventually, reclaim human form (if they can "imagine themselves within their own heart").

In the second Rebuild of Evangelion, Unit 01 and Shinji started Third Impact using the Angel Zeruel, Shinji attempted to bond with the Angel's core to save Rei after she was assimilated. This desire and Angelic contact resulted in Unit 01 absorbing the Angel's core into itself and transforming into a near-godlike being. Ritsuko described it as "the birth of a new life form at the cost of the old ones". This Third Impact was stopped by a Lance of Longinus deployed by Kaworu and Unit 06 on their terrestrial descent.

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