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Second Impact

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The Second Impact is a cataclysm which followed the "contact experiment" conducted on Adam in Antarctica on September 13, 2000. The awakened and injured Angel created a strong "Anti-AT Field" which caused an explosion that melted the Antarctic ice cap and caused a shift of Earth's axis; climate changes and gigantic floods followed. Two billion people in the southern hemisphere were directly killed by the ensuing tsunamis. As a result of the subsequent chaos, wars broke out due to scarce food and resources, such as a war between India and Pakistan which started two days after the explosion. These conflicts spread all over the world, and were ended on February 14, 2001 by signing what would be later called "The Valentine Ceasefire." By the end of these events, the human population of earth was halved.

Vast environmental damage and global climate changes resulted from Second Impact and the rise in global sea levels. These effects were worldwide, but during the series we are only shown the immediate changes observed in Japan, where the elevated sea levels have caused many old coastal cities to be submerged. Also, Japan has become a country of perpetual summer weather. A subtle hint of this throughout the series is that cicadas are frequently heard in outdoor scenes, even though they would normally only appear in Japan during summer months. Fuyutsuki alludes to this when he mentions first meeting Gendo Ikari when "this country still had seasons" (before Second Impact), and that the loss of the seasons was the worst that Japan had suffered.

Officially, there was no Adam and no "contact experiment." According to the cover-up, the Second Impact was caused by the impact of a meteorite that was too small (about 10 cm (3.9 in)) and too fast (95% of the speed of light) to be detected. This relativistic speed resulted in a massive explosion when the meteorite collided with Earth (a remarkably detailed description is shown briefly in the series in a text book). Considering the ancient meteorite impact which created Earth's Moon to be the "First" Impact, the public at large officially dubbed this disaster the "Second" Impact in keeping with the cover-up story of a meteorite impact. Several Nerv personnel (Ritsuko Akagi, etc.) know the true cause of the explosion but still refer to it as "Second Impact" for convenience.

In actuality, the "White Moon" of Adam had been discovered under Mt. Markham in Antarctica, and an expedition was sent by Seele (under the auspices of the United Nations). The expedition then conducted activities to intentionally cause the Second Impact. The exact details of the experiment are unclear, but apparently Adam was fused with human DNA when he was pierced with the Spear of Longinus, causing Adam to generate an anti-AT Field, which made all Lilith-based (normal terrestrial) life on the continent revert to the primordial ooze of LCL: not even bacteria survived.

However, the "contact experiment" conducted by Dr. Katsuragi's team succeeded in Seele's true goal: reverting Adam to an embryonic form, more manageable from Nerv's perspective.There were only two survivors: Gendo, who departed the day before, and Misato Katsuragi, who was put into an entry plug-like survival pod by her father.

It is suggested that some individuals unassociated with Seele or its affiliate organizations became aware (or at least suspicious) of their cover-up, as demonstrated by Professor Kouzou Fuyutsuki. It is assumed that most of these people were silenced in one manner or another by Seele, although Fuyutsuki himself was recruited to Gehirn at the request of Gendo Ikari.

In the Rebuild of Evangelion film series, it is revealed that all the oceans of the Earth are now devoid of life except for small "marine reserves" and the ocean itself has become a blood-like substance following Adam's detonation.

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