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Seele("soul", German pronunciation: [ˈ zeːlə][22]) are the secret backers of Gehirn and later Nerv, who wish to implement the Human Instrumentality Project. This group, arguably the "true villains" of the series, consists of at least twelve prominent people. Five of them form the Instrumentality Committee, which directly oversees Nerv's progress, officially in the name of the UN. Its members are referred to as the "Old Men."

Seele is a secret organization, the real puppetmasters behind the United Nations. Its origins are shrouded in mystery; they would claim to have existed since ancient times, functioning as an Illuminati-like power cabal over most of the world's governments. This cannot be verified, but they have been operating since at least soon after World War II, when they acquired the secret sections of the Dead Sea Scrolls. The secret Dead Sea Scrolls predicted the arrival of the Angels and of Third Impact, and Seele began striving to develop means to defeat the Angels so that a human-centered Instrumentality process would proceed. Having decided that humanity as a whole had reached an evolutionary dead end, Seele seeks to bring about Instrumentality and unite all humans into one hyper-being, the next stage of existence.

In the series and The End of Evangelion, all meetings with Seele members are held by video conference. The Instrumentality Committee members are shown for their meetings, with each associated with a different color; however, for Seele meetings, images of large stone monoliths marked "Seele (member number) Sound Only" are projected instead of the images of the actual members. Seele's leader is Keel Lorenz, Seele 01. In the Director's Cut of episode 24 there is a scene in which 15 Seele monoliths are visible. This is the only instance where more than twelve are seen; it is unknown if this is an animation error.

The logo was changed for the movie series Rebuild of Evangelion. The new logo has a snake curled around an apple in-between the seven eyes. On the apple the organization Seele is written, and beneath it is "Überm Sternenzelt richtet Gott, wie wir gerichtet". The German quote is from the poem "Ode to Joy," which translates as "Above the starry-sky judges God, the way we judged

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