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The UN Special Agency Nerv (German: nerve) is an organization led by Gendo Ikari and tasked with defending Earth against the Angels through use of the Evangelion units. It was formerly known as Gehirn, a UN Research Agency. It was reorganized into Nerv once Nerv HQ and Tokyo-3 became fully operational. There are several global branches of Nerv besides the main headquarters under Tokyo-3 itself.

The Nerv Logo is half a fig leaf covering its name, with the motto "God's In His Heaven... All's Right With The World" forming the quarter circle on the bottom. The motto comes from Robert Browning's poem "Pippa Passes."

In Genesis 3:7, Adam and Eve cover their "nakedness" with fig leaves. The fig leaf has covered nakedness in art and sculpture for hundreds of years, symbolically representing the guilt of original sin.

Although Nerv is usually spelled using all-capital letters, it is not an acronym. Many times during the series English words are spelled in all-capital letters as a stylistic choice by the Japanese production team, including words that are obviously not acronyms such as "ADAM" or "SECOND IMPACT". This has unintentionally led to some confusion when words such as "Nerv", "Seele", and "Magi" are spelled with all-capitals, leading to the incorrect assumption that they are acronyms. In particular, "Nerv" is actually spelled several times on-screen using lowercase letters.

In the new Rebuild of Evangelion movie series, Nerv has a new symbol, an apple turned upside-down, with the fig-leaf from the old logo superimposed and interrupted by a wave of motion around the apple in a broken, downwards spiral motion. The original logo still appears in some scenes, however. NERV is also controlled by the Vatican city, which has a treaty to which all nations have signed which restricts the number of operational Evangelions a single country can control at any one time.

Nerv-01 is the first North American branch of Nerv located in Boston, Massachusetts. It is where Eva Unit 03 was created before being flown to Nerv headquarters, possibly in coordination with MIT where one of the Magi supercomputers was also held.

Nerv-02 is the second North American branch of Nerv. It is located somewhere in the Nevada Desert, possibly at Area 51. It vanished, along with 12,000 individuals and everything else in an 89 km radius, when Eva Unit 04's S² Engine was activated.

Nerv-03 (also known simply as "Nerv-Germany") is the branch of Nerv located in Germany. Eva Unit 02 was constructed here, and Asuka apparently trained here for some time, before both were transferred to the main Nerv branch at Tokyo-3. Its location is never specified; however, there are two Magi computers in Hamburg and Berlin.

NERV operated a joint US/Russian base at Bethany, this was located under an area identified as Acheron. During the rebuild of Evangelion's second movie, The previously captured Third Angel escaped from Bethany and was destroyed by Eva-05 along with most of Acheron when Eva 05 self destructed outside the Bethany base.

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