Marduk Institue, The

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Marduk Institue, The

Post  Skye on Wed Nov 04, 2009 4:54 am

The Marduk Institute is a shadowy advisory organization which reports to Seele's Human Instrumentality Project Committee; its function is to select Evangelion pilot candidates ("Children"). Ryoji Kaji investigates the Institute, and discovers that it consists of 108 front companies, and is actually controlled and staffed by Seele. During the course of the series it is revealed that all of the children in Shinji's class in school are potential Evangelion pilots, and were placed together by the Institute[18]. The Institute seems to have a specific selection criteria: both Shinji and Asuka's mothers are dead, their souls bonded with the Evas that their children pilot; Rei has no parents; and the mothers of many other children in the class (such as Kensuke, Hikari and Toji (implied)) are dead or otherwise somehow missing.

The name for the institute is derived from the Babylonian god who is considered to be the head of the Babylonian pantheon.

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