Japanese Strategic Self Defense Forces, The

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Japanese Strategic Self Defense Forces, The

Post  Skye on Wed Nov 04, 2009 4:53 am

The Japanese Strategic Self Defense Forces, or JSSDF, is a special branch of the Japan Self-Defense Forces formed following the outbreak of war after Second Impact. The JSSDF are capable of extended overseas deployment and utilize special weaponry, such as the N² mines and the long range positron rifle. Throughout the series, the JSSDF is shown to be a buffer between the Angels and Nerv, as well as providing ordnance and support to Nerv. However, in The End of Evangelion, the JSSDF are revealed as being tasked by Seele, through the UN and Japan, with the duty of invading the Nerv Geo-Front, killing all Nerv personnel found inside, seizing Central Dogma, and stopping Gendo Ikari before he can start the Third Impact. They carry out these orders with brutal, merciless efficiency, and seem to have no misgivings about turning on their former allies.

According to the Platinum DVD set's commentary track, the JSSDF was formed in 2003 when China and Vietnam went to war over the Nansha islands, as part of post-Second Impact global unrest.

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