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Umbilical Cable

Post  Skye on Wed Nov 04, 2009 4:52 am

Evangelions have a massive energy requirement, so much so that for functions beyond pilot life support, their internal batteries' charge only lasts for a maximum of 5 minutes. To deploy Evas for longer periods of time, power cables referred to as "umbilical cables" are inserted into the Evas' backs. Spools containing umbilical cables are located throughout Tokyo-3, so if an Eva extends the cable to its maximum length, it can switch to another one. Evas are capable of reaching behind themselves to attach a new umbilical cable without external help. When Evas are deployed to areas other than Tokyo-3, portable sets of umbilical cables are brought along to connect them to an external power supply. Evas can be voluntarily disconnected from their umbilical cables to provide greater mobility, albeit knowing that they will only have 5 minutes of power. If an umbilical cable is severed during battle, the end plugged into the Eva's back will automatically eject from the Eva so as not to hinder its movements. The plugs located at the tips of umbilical cables contain small thruster rockets; when ejected, the thruster rockets fire just before hitting the ground, to lessen the damage both to the plug itself as well as to whatever is on the ground when the plug hits.

In Rebuild of Evangelion 2.0, EVA 05 is seen using an Overhead Contact System as its power source, similar to the ones used on certain trains. The power cables from the shoulder pylons are inserted into the EVA's back. This is visible in the Revoltech model as well.

However, EVA 06 in the Rebuild of Evangelion movies is operated without the need for external power and has no umbilical connections on its back. The nature of how this is possible remains unexplained. In the same scene though, EVA 06 is seen with a halo above its head. Slightly earlier, EVA 01 also had a halo, which promptly transformed into a black hole. Ritsuko described this as EVA 01's transformation into an "energy condenser". Therefore, the halo could be EVA 06's power source.

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