S² Engine, The

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S² Engine, The

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The S², or "Super Solenoid Engine," is a limitless source of power originally found in the bodies of the Angels. The S² engine's operation is explained through the Super Solenoid Theory which was developed by Dr. Katsuragi, Misato Katsuragi's father. Being initially deprived of this kind of engine, the Evas must be always connected to an external power source and can only function for one minute to sixteen hours (depending of the Eva's level of activity) using only their internal battery. The terms "S² Organ" and "S² Engine" are interchangeable because the same Japanese word is used for both concepts.

An attempt was made to install an S² engine into Unit 04. When the S² engine test was initiated, "all the installations involved within a radius of 89km from the center vanished," resulting in the disappearance of Nerv-2 in the US. No official reason is given, but it is speculated by Nerv personnel that the S² engine created a Dirac sea similar to the one produced by the 12th angel, or that the engine went into overdrive and converted all matter within the area into energy. After the incident, Seele tried to keep the S² engine from being used in the original Evas, but these attempts failed when Unit 01 acquired one from the consumption of the body of Zeruel, the fourteenth Angel (in episode 19, "Introjection"). This resulted in Unit 01 being considered a "God" by Seele, something that the committee considered undesirable. However, when the Lance of Longinus is lost by Nerv and Lilith is no longer usable, Unit 01 becomes the viable alternative. The Mass Production Evas, however, all have S² engines because they were to be part of the Instrumentality Project. In Evangelion 1.0 it is explained that the S² engine is what allows the Angels to take physical form in the dimension of the humans.

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