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Plug Suit

Post  Skye on Wed Nov 04, 2009 4:51 am

The plug suit is a form-fitting full body garment which the Eva pilots wear to aid in synchronization with their Evas. The suits are normally bulky but shrink to conform to the pilot's body through a mechanism housed in the wrists of the suits. The suits contain devices which help monitor the pilot's status and give medical aid, such as defibrillation or CPR. No two suits are alike: each suit bears its corresponding Eva's numerical designation on the chest and back and is roughly color-coordinated with that Eva.

In episode 10, Asuka wears a variant of her plug suit which is designed for pressure dissipation during the capture of Sandalphon. This suit expanded into a ball to provide additional thermal protection while Unit 02 was inside the volcano.

As shown in vol. 1 of the manga of Evangelion and episode 1 of the anime, the sleeves of Rei's plug suit can be removed; whether or not this is a deliberate design or a medical necessity (due to injuries to her arms) is not revealed.

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