Magi Super Computer System

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Magi Super Computer System

Post  Skye on Wed Nov 04, 2009 4:50 am

The bio-computer system designed by Dr. Naoko Akagi for Gehirn. It consists of three interconnected supercomputers, which are named for the traditional names of the Magi who visited Jesus at his birth and are imprinted with different aspects of Akagi's personality through a process she invented:

Melchior – Akagi as a scientist;
Balthasar – Akagi as a mother;
Casper – Akagi as a woman.
The MAGI supercomputers are used to run Nerv HQ, and in effect, actually "govern" Tokyo-3; the three supercomputers vote amongst themselves to decide on actions for the city, with unanimity required for certain actions like self-destruction (although if two Magi disagree and the third is undecided Nerv personnel will decide what to do). The original set of 3 Magi, which collectively make up the "Magi 01" system, are located at Nerv's First Branch in the Geo-Front. However the various other branches also have their own sets of Magi supercomputers (3 in each set) located in:

Magi 02: Matsushiro, Japan (part of the city of Nagano)
Magi 03: Berlin, Germany
Magi 04: Boston, Massachusetts, USA (On the MIT campus)
Magi 05: Hamburg, Germany
Magi 06: Beijing, China
These other Magi appear in The End of Evangelion where as part of Seele's attack on Nerv they attempt to crack the original Magi, thereby controlling Nerv's security and forcing a surrender. Ritsuko Akagi thwarts the attempt[13], forcing Seele to dispatch the JSSDF special forces; she later attempts to activate Nerv headquarters' self-destruct mechanism, but Casper refuses the order and the self-destruct is not carried out. The Magi were previously targeted by Iruel in episode 13.

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