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Lance of Longinis

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The Lance of Longinus is an artifact of great power, and is the only weapon that is specially designed to pierce any AT Field. It resembles a long red spear (Evangelion-sized) that forks near the middle, the two shafts first twisting around themselves to form a helix and then becoming straight. In the director's cut of episode 22, the Lance's forks twist into a spiral shape just before it strikes Arael's AT Field. The Lance also takes on a different, double-forked shape in The End of Evangelion.

The Lance was used in a "contact experiment" with Adam, which caused the Angel's awakening and the Second Impact. In episode 12, the Lance was recovered from the new "dead sea" (the remnants of Antarctica) to be used to control Lilith. The Lance was used as a last resort weapon to attack the fifteenth Angel, Arael, which was in orbit and outside the direct reach of the Evas or any other terrestrial weaponry. After being launched by Unit 00, it destroyed the Angel, but reached escape velocity and became lodged in lunar orbit, effectively lost from Nerv. It eventually planted itself into the moon's surface (specifically, in Walter crater); it returned in The End of Evangelion, moments before the Third Impact. The Lance is a key piece to the process of Instrumentality.

The Lance's origins in the anime are never fully explained, except that it was found within the earth: in a deleted scene from episode 21, it is stated that the Lance was transported from the Dead Sea to Antarctica for the Katsuragi Expedition's "contact experiment" with Adam.

According to the spin off Playstation 2 video game Neon Genesis Evangelion 2's Classified Information, the Angels Adam and Lilith originated from Seeds of Life created by a god-like ancient extraterrestrial species (known only as "First Ancestral Race"); Adam and Lilith were sent to Earth in the White Egg and Black Egg, respectively. A Lance of Longinus was sent along by the First Ancestral Race inside of both; this was meant to be means of controlling Adam and Lilith, a counter-measure in case a progenitor entity ever went against their goals. The Lance of Longinus appearing in the series is the one that was paired with Adam, and recovered from Antarctica. The Lance of Longinus paired with Lilith is presumed to have been lost or destroyed when Lilith's Black Moon collided with Earth during First Impact
Artificial versions of the Lance are used as the primary weapon for the mass-production Evas, and also feature prominently in the Instrumentality.

The name "Lance of Longinus" originally refers to a Christian mythological object, also called the Spear of Destiny, which is supposedly the spear that a Roman soldier (Longinus) used to pierce Jesus Christ's side after he was crucified. In the original Japanese, the weapon was referred to as the "Spear of Longinus." The real name should be Lancea Longini, in the correct Latin form.

Note: There is some discrepancy as to whether the proper name is "Lance of Longinus" or "Spear of Longinus", as Japanese does not differentiate "spear" or "lance," instead using an all encompassing word (槍, yari). Also, in the manga of Evangelion it is called the "Spear of Longinus."

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