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Jet Alone is a nuclear-powered, unmanned robot created by an independent corporation for the Japanese government with the intention of supplanting the Evangelion units. Unlike the Evas, Jet Alone has an on-board nuclear reactor, so it can function without external power for 150 days. However, its control systems were tampered with by agents of Nerv and the unit's first public demonstration nearly ended in a nuclear disaster. The project remained unsuccessful after the incident.

Introduced in episode 7, Jet Alone's creators insulted the Evas and Nerv, respectively. When Ritsuko publicly questions the creator of Jet Alone about the safety of Jet Alone using a nuclear reactor as a power source and of its overall combat effectiveness, the creator states "It's better than a machine that won't work for more than 5 minutes and forcing its pilot to undergo intense mental instability." He then went on to show top secret photos of Unit 01 going berserk, claiming that Jet Alone, being unmanned and armed with a supercomputer that rivals the Magi to calculate its combat decisions, would never do such a thing. He then reveals to the world the existence of the AT Field that Nerv had managed to emulate from the Angels, stating it would not take long to figure out themselves how to install it on future Jet Alone units (an impossibility given the biological source of an AT Field).

Ritsuko, obviously embarrassed, apparently sabotaged Jet Alone's program, and when it activates it does not stop walking and its cooling system fails, leaving it continuously running to a nearby city just minutes from a reactor meltdown. Misato decides to have Shinji carry her into it with Unit 01 so she can manually shut off its reactor. She fails to do so, but Ritsuko's sabotage program reactivated the coolant system and shut Jet Alone down automatically just short of detonation.

Due to the public embarrassment, the Jet Alone Project was ended.

Jet Alone's name comes from the robot Jet Jaguar, from the 1973 kaiju film Godzilla vs. Megalon. Jet Jaguar was a robot whose design was chosen from submissions from the public, and when it was initially announced, its name was Red Alone. Jet Alone is a combination of the two names.

In a brief shot of Jet Alone's programming it's revealed that the unit possess 640 + 2048 TB of memory.

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