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Entry Plugs

Post  Skye on Wed Nov 04, 2009 4:46 am

The entry plugs are long, cylindrical structures with rounded ends which contain the cockpits for the Evangelions. A pilot enters a plug through a hatch in its center; once the hatch is sealed, the plug is filled with LCL. Each Eva has a socket in a cervical vertebra in its upper spine, covered by a retractable plate; the entry plug is inserted into this socket, the hatch closes, and pilot control of the Eva is established. The plugs are heavily armored and equipped with parachutes and rockets to aid in escape from a badly damaged Evangelion.

Control from within the entry plugs for activation of the Evas usually consists of voice-commands in conjunction with mental thought, although this is usually done remotely by Nerv personnel. The pilots must be able to "synchronize" with their Evas in order to control them. In practice, the connection is made through a combination of the A10 clips on the pilot's head and the plug suit, and signals are picked up from within the entry plug. Apparatuses found within the entry plug include two distinctly designed hand-triggers which are used for simple, but delicate, finger movements, such as using firearms. The screens that show the external environment surround the pilot and are picked up by cameras mounted on the Eva's head, and from the eyes of the Eva itself. They also display other information, and are apparently three-dimensional projections. Smaller images can be superimposed over the environmental views for communication between pilots and/or the command station in Central Dogma.

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