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Dummy Plug

Post  Skye on Wed Nov 04, 2009 4:46 am

The Dummy Plugs are artificial pilots (they emulate a pilot's thought processes and send signals to the Eva). All the regular Eva units are eventually fitted so they can be operated with either the pilot or the Dummy Plug. There are two known types of Dummy Plugs, those loaded with the personal data of Rei Ayanami and those with the personal data of Kaworu Nagisa (the latter was used in the Mass Production Evangelions).

Among the original Evas, Unit 01 is the only one incompatible with the DPS, which is methodically rejected at every activation attempt after the first one. Its main drive is stored behind the pilot's seat, marked by a large "DRIVE: A" plaque.

In the second Rebuild of Evangelion movie, the Dummy System is labelled as DMSYS and is an expanding control unit that covers the pilot, blocking their view and clamping down on their two joysticks, preventing the pilot from moving them. Eva-01 in Dummy mode also did not display any of the outside world to the pilot inside the EVA.

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