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The core is the red spherical object that is a prominent feature of most of the Angels. Little is revealed about the nature of the cores in the series, except that sufficient damage to an Angel's core will kill it. Cores can be penetrated by progressive knives or by a sufficiently powerful blow in a small area. It is revealed in episode 19 that Unit 01 possess a core as well; however, Zeruel's cutting "arms" fail to penetrate it. Unit 00 is shown to have a core in the Director's Cut of episode 23. The other Evas in the anime are not shown explicitly to have cores, but the Mass-Produced Evas have them.

However, in the second Rebuild of Evangelion series, Eva-02 is explictly shown to have a core being removed from it as it is placed into deep storage by NERV after Unit 03 is delivered to Tokyo-3.

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