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AT Field is short for "Absolute Terror Field." While in the series the characters always refer to it as "AT Field," the opening credits show the complete expression. It has also been shown once in Death and Rebirth during the flashbacks, and in various documents like the Red Cross Book.

At the beginning of the series, the AT Field is shown as a barrier that the Angels can erect, which is impervious to almost all conventional weapons. The N² bomb can penetrate the AT Fields of some Angels, causing moderate damage that can be regenerated in a matter of hours or days, depending on the Angel in question. Certain Angels are completely unaffected by N² bombs. The Evas can also generate their own AT Fields, and can use them to neutralize the Angels' AT Fields through destructive interference.

Toward the climax of the series, it is revealed that every being has an AT Field, and that it is the literal wall that separates one's identity from other egos and external reality, and which supports one's having a separate existence from others. Thus, it is also the cause of loneliness and pain, and can be related to the so-called "Hedgehog's dilemma" exhibited by main character Shinji Ikari — whereby a person feels (psychological) pain from loneliness, yet paradoxically, the closer he/she gets to someone else (emotionally), the more he/she is 'hurt'.

At the climax of The End of Evangelion, after the Third Impact, the re-awakened Lilith produces a massive Anti-AT Field that neutralizes the AT Fields of all human beings, thus returning them to an undifferentiated state — the "Sea of LCL", a primordial soup of sorts, containing the unseparated consciousness of the entire human race.

The concept of the AT Field could have been informed by the philosophical movement of existentialism as well as by the concept of angst.[citation needed] It also bears resemblance to the "morphogenetic field" of Rupert Sheldrake.[citation needed]

In episode 24 of the anime, Kaworu states that the AT Field is "the light of the soul" — possibly meaning a (physical and/or metaphysical) wall that surrounds a person's soul

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